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We combine multiple global and regional third-party services into a Unified API.

By integrating bNesis with any mobile app, you can get access to multiple services from around the world. This allows developers to save a lot of money and time on integration with third-party services.

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Private users' data is transferred only directly between an app and third-party services, so there are no security issues at all

We are not a middleware service, so we are not exposed to security breaches or server crashes. Integrated services will be working always, being absolutely independent the same way you use any native API. We are creating a unique solution, absolutely safe, simple and reliable

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Post integration bNesis services can be used by anyone even without any programming skills to easily switch, add and delete services in a matter of seconds.

And there is no need in republishing or recompiling an app - save a lot of time and rapidly improve your app, following your users' needs

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Global & Regional services

With geo targeting possibility, regional services, which are popular in a specific region, will be available for the users from their respected region. Consequently, users will get access to their favorite services and our customers will be able to increase their regional and global presence, thereby becoming more attractive and competitive on the market.


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